"Uth Budget Meet in Agra"

16th May 2016 - Uth HealthCare enters into Hepatology Segment in India

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7th June 2014 - "Discussion on Obesity & Diabetes"

Uth Healthcare conducted a discussion on “Obesity & Diabetes”. As a part of the discussion Dr. Sanjay Gupte focused on Obesity and its related complications in women’s health.
Dr. S. N. Shinde further shed new light on Obesity and Diabetes. Towards the end Dr. Rituparna Shinde discussed issues closely related to complications in cardio vascular health because of Obesity.

3rd August 2014 - workshop on “Obesity Beyond Shape & Size “

Uth Health in association with Maharashtra chapter AIAARO conducted a workshop on “Obesity Beyond Shape & Size “. Eminent Doctors made presentations and had discussions on various topics like Obesity Beyond Size & Shape, Impact of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome on Cardiovascular Health, Diabesity – Changing Paradigm, Thyroid & Obesity, Bariatric Surgery – Future & Present, Challenges in Anesthsia in Obese Patients, Physician Perspective about Bariatric Surgery, Childhood Obesity – Treatment Options and Management Strategy, Impact of Obesity & its Reversal on Reproductive Health in Women, Dietary Management & Obesity – Challenges & Myths, Role of meal replacement in Obesity Management


India ranks third in number of obese(as per WHO classification) after US and China

India ranks third in number of obese(as per WHO classification) after US and China: Lancet. 2014 report. More than 50% of the 671 million obese individuals in the world live in ten countries (listed in order of number of obese individuals): USA, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan and Indonesia. The USA accounted for 13% of obese people worldwide in 2013, with China and India jointly accounting for 15%. (Lancet. 2014 May 28. Pii: s0140 6736(14) 60460-8). Age-standardised regional and national estimates of the prevalence of overweight and obesity combined and obesity alone for girls, boys, men, and women for 2013 for India

Uth Launches CSR Activity 'Save the Generation Next'

Uth launched Save the Generation Next as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility wherein the focus is to diagnose the Gestational Diabetes at its inception to prevent complications both in the pregnant woman and the unborn child.
The diagnosis would be done by an OGCT using Nutri-Right G75 which is an innovative and exact load of 75gms of dextrose monohydrate. This will go a long way in promoting a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child.


Uth launched Obicure in Russia

Uth launched Obicure in Russia

Uth in association with IDA Pune chapter conducted a CME on Women Nutrition on 23rd December 2011.

Dr. Vaishali Deshmukh, leading endocrinologist of Pune spoke on the need of Calcium and Vitamin D in various stages of a woman’s life. A case presentation followed by panel discussion moderated by Dr. Geeta, IDA President, Pune saw interesting discussion by the participants.


Uth Launched on 18th April 2011

A grand ceremony marked the launched of Emcure Uth on 18th April 2011 in Pune.

The launch was graced by the presence of:
Mr. Satish Mehta – CEO Emcure, Mr. Samit Mehta – Director, Dr. Mukund Gurjar – Chief Scientific Officer Emcure, Mr. A K Khanna – Chairman, Mr. Sanjay Mehta – Director – Commercial, Mr. Sunil Mehta – Director – Projects, Mr. Sunit Kishore – Associate Director


Press Coverage

Press Coverage about the Uth Healthcare Ltd.

Nutri-Right LD is a pioneer product in the arena of essential nutrition in labor.

The product was launched by Dr. P. C. Mahapatra, Fogsi President & Dr. R. P. Sonawala in Fogsi Conference in June.