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Mexmet S Metoprolol

Maximum B1 selectivity …Greater Benefits

Metoprolol is an anti-hypertensive drug from beta blocker class. S (-) Metoprolol is pure enantiomer of racemic Metoprolol

Each Extended release film-coated tablet contains
S (-) Metoprolol Succinate equivalent to S (-) Metoprolol 25mg/50mg

For the treatment of essential hypertension in adults

Dosage and Administration:
Mild to moderate hypertension: 25 mg OD Can be increased to 50-100 mg once daily and/or combined with other anti-hypertensive agents

Cardio Selectivity of S (-) Metoprolol

B1 blocking activity resides in S Metoprolol

500-fold greater affinity for B1 receptors

S: R activity at B1 receptors is 33:1

Maintains Cardio selectivity even at higher dose

Safety Features of S (-) Metoprolol

Allows Unopposed stimulation of B2 receptors

Useful even in patients with concomitant Diabetes, COPD, PVD, CHF, in smokers

Avoids drug interactions unlike racemate

Safe in Poor Metabolizers and In Extensive Metabolizers taking CYP2D6 inhibitors

Unique Benefits of Mexmet S (-) Metoprolol

S-metoprolol provides only the most cardio-selective S-isomer

S-metoprolol can be administered at high doses without loss of cardio selectivity

S-metoprolol avoids ADR of beta2-blocking R-isomer

S-metoprolol ensures safety in poor Metabolizers and in extensive metabolizers taking CYP2D6 inhibitors

S-metoprolol avoids drug- drug interactions

The above-mentioned advantages are at half the dose