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Benina – Benidipine
Greater Renal and Cardio Protection

Benidipine is a 3rd generation calcium Channel blocker with triple calcium channel blocking activity and unique membrane approach

Each film coated tablet contains:
Benidipine hydrochloride 4 mg and 8 mg


Once a day

Cardio Protection with Benidipine

Benidipine attenuates the extent of ischemia through NO-dependent mechanisms
Coronary selectivity is higher
Benidipine enhances NO production during ischemia, leading to increased coronary blood flow and probably protect the myocardium, contributing to better prognosis for angina pectoris
Benidipine reduces left ventricular mass and normalized systemic collagen type degradation abnormalities in essential hypertensive patients with severe LVH
Benidipine increases in the plasma levels of CGRP in the patients with essential hypertension
Benidipine hydrochloride decreases oxidative stress.
Use of benidipine in patients undergoing CABG may provide vaso relaxant or antispastic effects in the grafts
Has a potential to improve arterial function and perhaps arterial properties
Benidipine once daily in the morning effectively decreases blood pressure and attenuates blood pressure response to mental stress

Renoprotection with Benidipine

Benidipine by it triple calcium channel blocking activity, dilates Afferent and Efferent arterioles reduces glomerular pressure

Prevents the progression of Reno parenchymal hypertension and nephropathy by increasing NO formation in the renal parenchyma

Exerts Natriuretic effect

Urinary protein excretion is significantly better than Amlodipine, Cilnidipine

Benidipine partially inhibits angiotensin II induced upregulation of the mRNAs and shows Ca2+ influx inhibitory activities for aldosterone production

Benidipine results in a greater reduction of plasma aldosterone and albuminuria than amlodipine and these effects are independent of BP reduction

Aldosterone-inhibitory and antioxidant activities of benidipine mediated by inhibition of T-type calcium channels would result in renoprotection and suppression of disease progression in hypertensive patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD)

The stable depressor effects of benidipine even after haemodialysis may contribute to favourable control of blood pressure in this population

Exerts beneficial effects on Insulin resistance

Superiority of Benidipine over Amlodipine

Benidipine exerted antiproteinuric effect to a greater extent than did amlodipine, even in patients with diabetic nephropathy

Combination therapy with Benidipine and ARBs, even for patients with moderate-to-advanced-stage CKD is better and Amlodipine +ARBs

Percentage of cases achieving the target of blood pressure after 8 weeks of treatment was 66.7% in the benidipine group and 35.7% in the amlodipine group

The coronary artery selectivity of benidipine was 14.4 times higher than that of 19 times higher than that of amlodipine in preclinical studies

Benidipine can suppress the failure of various organs associated with hypertension, in addition to exerting excellent antihypertensive effects compared to Amlodipine.

The diuretic effect of benidipine is more potent than that of amlodipine

Benidipine may be more useful for the treatment of VSA as compared with Amlodipine

Benidipine exerts better anti-atherosclerotic effects as compared to Amlodipine

Benidipine is more effective in terms of antioxidant anti-inflammatory effects, as compared to amlodipine

Benidipine stimulates the differentiation of osteoblasts

Benidipine – Superiority over Cilnidipine

Benidipine exerts an antiproteinuric effect to a greater extent than cilnidipine in patients with diabetes

Benidipine has a more potent antihypertensive effect than cilnidipine

Benidipine shows better Reno protective effect than Cilnidipine

T-type calcium channel blockade by benidipine is markedly more potent than that by cilnidipine

Cilnidipine does not reduce UP at BP lowering doses but Benidipine does

Unique Features about Benidipine

Benidipine has relatively high vascular selectivity among DHP-derived CCBs

Shows the protective effects on vascular endothelial cells

Moreover, anti-oxidative action and enhancing NO production have been noted with this drug, following the cardio-protective effects in patients with ischemic heart disease

Excellent Renal protection even in CKD and Diabetic nephropathy hypertensives

More potent Antihypertensive effect and renal protection than Amlodipine and Cilnidipine

Benidipine exerted a better prognostic effect than other CCBs in the therapy for patients with VSA

In basic studies, treatment with a combination of benidipine and ARB yielded better results than amlodipine plus ARB treatment. Therefore, benidipine is a CCB expected to be useful in combination therapy for hypertension

 Benidipine along with its Potent antihypertensive effect exerts better Reno and Cardiac protection with favourable safety prolife and many pleotropic benefits